What we are
We're not big; we're small and very flexible. But we are big enough to operate a fleet of 1,750 wagons.
A competent team of experts who gained their experience in-house
What we do
We transport automobiles throughout Europe: 2,000 trains – 450,000 automobiles every year.
But we don't only transport vehicles, we also transport information.
Our deliveries begin with the planning process and continue with just-in-time tracking and tracing.
We always have custom-made solutions for our clients.
What we want to be
We want to be our clients' trusted partner because we've known each other since 1962.
We want to be remembered by our clients with esteem and cordiality.
And we want to be called on again should they need us.
Client area

How we get around
Our mobile team,
always on the road to monitor our rail fleet
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